The fare payments industry is being dramatically affected by COVID-19. Although we don’t know how quickly things will return to ‘normal’, what we can already see is people will be using, and demanding, safe ways to pay – meaning they do not need to handle cash or tickets. 

GoRide™ Account-Based Ticketing system offers seamless cross-border integrated door-to-door travel concept using intelligent system for interoperable and multimodal smart ticketing. Using GoRide™, travellers do not have to worry about any mobile wallet or mobile credit recharging as they get charged for the tickets directly from their bank account. It can be easily integrated in every form of public urban and cross-border transit: buses, trams, trains, metros, trains and additional services, such as parking tickets, bicycles rent, etc. Secure, simple to use, one-click button technology, which covers the whole process of passenger’s payment and validation experience, giving him the possibility to buy the tickets anywhere and anytime.

EU Certificate GORideFour key benefits of GoRide™ Account-Based Ticketing system for passengers:

  • No need to buy a ticket
  • Fare media is already in passengers pockets
  • Contactless fare media (safer way to pay and ride)
  • No need to understand fares

GoRide™ is fully scalable, thus can be expanded and integrated quickly into new regions. The system can work side by side with any current ticketing system that is in use. GoRide™ is simple tap and ride system which produces a flat charge. We would recommend implementing fare capping rules where appropriate to ensure passengers do not spend more than they would if purchasing a period pass (like a weekly or monthly pass). This will help convert more people to use the system.

GoRide™ ticketing system successfully operates for Public Transportation Company of the City of Hradec Králové, a.s. since 10/2017 under brand name HopOn DPmHK. Hradec Králové, the eighth largest city in the Czech Republic has a population of nearly 100,000 inhabitants. It was the FIRST smart mobile ticketing system in Czech Republic.

GoRide™ Award: Seal of Excellence From EU Commission, Horizon 2020 Network Programme for Research and Innovation, 2019.



  • Implementation FREE OF CHARGE
  • Deployment is fast, up to 2-3 weeks
  • Works both on-line and off-line, automatically propose the best ticket and tariff
  • No expensive validators and physical interaction required
  • Shortening boarding time
  • No expensive hardware, cloud based
  • No need to load funds into city payment card
  • Buy pre-paid tickets anytime, anywhere
  • Pay with the in-app paired bank card directly from your bank account
  • Detailed ticket payment EET confirmation email
  • The cash flows directly to the operator bank account
  • GoRide™ does not participate in any financial transactions
  • Automatically recognise mobile phone language
  • Easy to use “One click ticket”- quick, safe, easy access to ticket
  • Inspector Application, supports off-line and on-line inspection
  • Extensive Back-office real time compatible data, full control of cash flow, users and tickets management
  • Easy adopt and implement new features
  • Business model - fixed subscription or % from tickets sales

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