• Enterprise Europe Network support for international innovative projects
  • Innovative projects proposals appraisal and advisory for EU Horizon 2020 Framework Grant Programme (H2020)
  • Project financial analysis and roadmap preparation
  • Creation and development of small innovation companies (start-ups) 
The Enterprise Europe Network can help your business to grow and expand abroad. The Network has the reach and expertise to find the right international partner(s) for:
  • technological cooperation
  • business cooperation and access to new markets
  • innovation in your business
  • cooperation in research and development projects
Network experts will save your time and money. They will:
  • get in touch with the right experts in more than 60 countries
  • exploit the Network’s online database of business opportunities
  • arrange for you participation in international matchmaking events and trade missions
Partnering database
The Network manages Europe’s largest online database of business opportunities. It contains thousands of business, technology and research cooperation requests and offers from companies and research and development institutions. The database is accessible for free. You can subscribe to receive alerts on new requests and offers.

Brokerage events and trade missions
The Network sets up fast and effective business matchmaking events at international conferences and trade fairs. It also organises international trade missions which lead to many successful partnerships thanks to thorough preparation and local knowledge.

Enterprise Europe Network experts provide your business with the advice it needs to grow and expand into international markets. You can get free access to a range of advisory services such as:
  • how to export your products or services to new markets
  • how to get CE marking for your products
  • the best way to finance your plans for growth
  • how to protect your intellectual property assets in another country
The Network’s areas of expertise are listed below. An expert will then:
  • provide you with the information you are looking for
  • decide if you need to work together on a personalised plan
  • redirect you to the most appropriate service

Areas of expertise
Network advisory services mainly focus on EU topics. Take a look at some of the areas where our experts can help your business:

EU legislation and standards
We help you apply EU regulations and comply with standards (e.g. CE marking).

Access to international markets
We provide you with market intelligence and capacity building services, identify suitable markets for growth and advise on local business conditions.

International public contracts
We map existing cross-border and EU tender opportunities and help you apply for calls.

Finance and funding
We help you identify sources of finance and ensure your business is investor ready.

EU funding and application support
We identify EU funding opportunities that suit your business’ needs and help you apply.

Intellectual property rights (IPR)
We help you protect and expand your IPR, and draft your patents and IPR exploitation strategies.

Energy and resource efficiency
We help you understand and source the best technologies for your business, and identify finance opportunities for eco-innovation and green entrepreneurship.

Management improvements
We identify, select and customise the adequate management model for your business, in line with your needs.

The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses bring innovative ideas to commercial success on international markets. Innovation support services are open to all kinds of businesses. Network experts are there to assess which services are best suited to the specific development phase of your business. 
Innovation awareness. At an entry level, Network services include:
  • information on innovation-related policies, legislation and support programmes
  • links with local innovation stakeholders
  • information about access to local sources of funding/support
Innovation capacity building. One step further, Network experts provide one-to-one services, including:
  • innovation audits and strategy advice
  • advice on intellectual property rights
  • technology and innovation brokerage services
  • advice on technology marketing
  • advice on access to finance for innovation
  • support to access funding programmes (including Horizon 2020)
Network experts will be able to advise if your businesses has the potential to successfully apply for the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme and help you present a competitive proposal. 

Innovation management. The next level of Network services are specifically designed to support potentially innovative businesses that are struggling with innovation management. These services help businesses plan and manage their innovation activities and align their innovation strategy with other business processes. In practice, Network experts:

  • perform an innovation management capacity and gaps assessment, in close cooperation with your senior management
  • develop an action plan with you to tackle identified gaps
  • help your business carry out the action plan
  • indicate paths for further development
Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. The Network provides key account management services to businesses benefitting from the Horizon 2020 SME instrument. In a nutshell, our experts:
  • help beneficiaries identify coaching needs and select suitable business coaches
  • facilitate the coaching process
  • empower beneficiaries to successfully conclude their project
  • plan the next development phase
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